Speaking Engagements

Jeremy Wood has presented at:

     - 86 Public Training Seminars

     - 12 Equipment Manufacture Seminars

     - 2 National Drilling Seminars

     - 23 Energy Company Seminars

     - 1 Benefit Seminar

     - 46 HDD Inspection Training Courses

     - 2 Magazine Covers

"After attending Jeremy's class, I obtained my first inspection job 1 month to the day of class. He's always a phone call away with any questions you may have out in the field."


William Harris
​Mustang Inspection

"I recently met Jeremy while working on the Seaway 2 Segment 1 Crude Oil Project. I was in need of an HDD Inspector to watch over a high profile waterline bore on our project and Jeremy was referred to me by a colleague. It didn't take long to realize that he is one of the most knowledgeable individual's I have ever met in the HDD field. His extensive knowledge of the HDD process and problem solving abilities kept our drills on time and without incident. Enterprise was so impressed with his abilities that he was sent to another spread to consult on a high profile City of Dallas waterline HDD that was rapidly turning into an issue. Once again his knowledge, problem solving abilities and affable personality turned the HDD around and it too was completed without further incident. I would definitely recommend Jeremy's course for anyone who wants to gain extensive knowledge of the HDD process."

James Stepp
​Construction Manager at Enterprise Products

“I have worked with Jeremy Wood on two separate jobs over the past two years, and found him to be both knowledgeable regarding his field of operation, as well as personable with his colleagues."


Brian Rawls

Welding Inspector at DPS

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jeremy Wood on the ONEOK Sterling 3 Project and the ONEOK Canadian Project in 2011. He is a very intelligent and inspiring gentleman. As head of Safety for the Sterling 3 spread, I have been able to observe Jeremy at work under adverse and trying conditions. He has at all times been very professional and courteous. He is one of the most safety conscious and intelligent inspectors I have had the privilege of working with in my 24 years of pipeline and construction safety employment. His knowledge of the boring of pipeline far exceeds the average inspector. He is very much up to date on all the latest boring and HDD techniques. He is also a very desirable  person to work with. I look forward to a very long and enjoyable working relation in all his endeavors."


Curtis Perdue

Safety and Health Tulsa Inspection

Class Location

Fenwick Plaza

16708 N Pennsylvania Ave

Edmond, OK 73012


Jeremy Wood started his career in Directional Drilling over 16yrs ago beginning as a laborer in the field before being promoted to a driller and locator. Early in his career he came up with his own techniques using proper tooling and mud mixtures producing successful bores every time. He quickly became a reliable source for contractors with a difficult bore or a deadline to meet. Once leaving the directional drilling field he moved on to HDD Inspecting for large gas companies such as ONEOK and DCP. He has guided contractors through trying times and kept them within the job scope. Jeremy now dedicates his time training inspectors, future inspectors, contractors, and municipality management the proper methods of Directional Drilling.  

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"I attended Jeremy's class in December of 2013. Since the class I have worked two jobs as an inspector. After the first job ended, I gave him a call and he promptly got me lined up with another job. Thanks for all your help."

Justin Rawls

Tulsa Inspection

"I started my first inspection job the following Monday after attending HDD training. If you want to learn a field, I highly recommend this class."

Chris Seales

​Tulsa Inspection



“I have over 15yrs of Directional Drilling experience and over 5yrs of being an inspector over Directional Drilling. I had the opportunity to work with Jeremy Wood on a job, and I could tell he himself had a deep mechanical and theoretical knowledge of the directional drilling process."


Casey LeClair

HDD Inspector at Tulsa Inspection Resources 


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"I attended Jeremy's class in August of 2013 and had my first inspection job by September. The class was very informative and he is very knowledgeable in this field. I would recommend this class to anybody looking to get into inspection."


Tracey Poor
Mustang Inspection

“Jeremy Wood worked for me on the DCP Sand Hills Project as an HDD Inspector. Jeremy did an outstanding job dealing with a struggling directional drilling contractor. He kept the contractor well within the job specs, and made sure everything was per DOT permit. Jeremy is an outstanding inspector and individual. His knowledge and ability is well above the rest." 


Brian Dubics

Assistant Chief at Tulsa Inspection Resources